Real Estate Management System

Smart Vision's Real Estate Management system is characterized by a dynamic interface with all the functions that will provide the flexibility to enter, review and follow up all the daily information related to the management of the real estate units, with the ability to add and modify them easily, which helps the employee to save time and effort and maintain an electronic archive to protect and safe the data from loss.
The system provides the employees who responsible for the real estate management the ease of control and use. Which includes all stages of real estate management, starting from the unit rent, registering tenant data and adding checks.
It contains several units whose primary task is to give the employee the full ability to manage the property and communicate with the tenants through a mobile application.
System Features

  • Easy to access, follow-up and management of real estate units from anywhere and at any time.

  • It provides a full daily updated statistics on the rent contracts, whether there're close to renewal or the ended contracts, checks, maintenance requests and employee data.

  • The system shows a complete log of all tenant data and special files such as (The rent contract, passport photo, ID photo, etc.) which are saved in the archive for future reference.

  • The system allows the user to follow up the status of stuck issues on some real estate units and update of each issue status.

  • The system provides a warning feature for the user in the case of the close renewal of the rent contract.

  • The system provides the user alert feature in different colors in the case of the close of due date for payment of checks, and returned checks thathave been filedbased on the data entered in advance.

  • The system provides the user alert feature for maintenance requests that have been completed and which are in progress also.

  • The system is characterized by the possibility of adding an unlimited number of (real estate units / tenants)

  • The system management feature for an unlimited number of employees with the possibility of specifying different levels of protection to control the system.

  • The system allows to record the time and date of entry and what have been done in the system for each employee.



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