DMS (Document Management Solution)

Your job is all about important papers and documents?
Do you want to organize your work and adjust your papers, and you wish to know each paper that came out or entered when, where, and to whom?
(Document Management Solution) DMS is the ideal solution for your work because the world is changing every day and it has become more dependent on digitization and electronic work because they have proven that they are the basis.
So why is it necessary for your organization to have the "ideal document management solution"? 
  • Because it is a system that facilitates better control over documents, regardless of their size, and can follow the procedures and internal workflow of the institution, and this will of course lead to the development of the institution’s performance
  • It can store, track and manage electronic documents for the paper information that is taken with the scanner, and here most of the procedures and paper transactions are converted to paperless transactions.
  • It can sort and digitize all your documents, and you can return them at any time without any effort.
  • It also extracts reports, statistics and data required for work, and all of this saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • Very useful for tracking and controlling large amounts of information, and ensuring that working personnel can retrieve updated information quickly and this helps to evaluate the administrative performance of various departments within the organization.
  • It includes every action taken with any document within the institution, regarding the creation, distribution and deletion of documents and also in the “archive” which is the ability to archive transactions and procedures that take place between the different departments of the institution.
  • It protects documents from being lost and records them in an organized manner with time and date for easy reference
  • The ability of the board of directors and the director to deal remotely with the transactions and procedures that take place within the institution, including approvals and access to documents and signatures electronically, which saves a lot of time and effort.
All these features lead to improving the quality of work, facilitating administrative work, saving a lot of time and effort for individuals working within the organization, and helping them to make appropriate decisions at work and developing the performance of the organization as a whole 
Document Management System is the perfect solution for any organization! 



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